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No.1,Ruilong Road,Jiangnan Industry Area,Songyang,Zhejiang,China


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Company Profile
70 years career in woodwork, and 40 years experience of manufacturing brushes

“The understanding to a product always goes from easy to rich for most manufacturers.” Mr. Baosen Dai said, “We treasure for the experience what we had absorbed from wooden furniture and tool trade. It’s greatly profitable to manufacture brushes for us at present.”

The exploring and understanding wooden products of ours is from 1936. Mr. Yansong Dai(Mr. Baosen Dai’s father)began to

make the Chinese old furniture. At that time, carpenters still depended on original tools to making all kinds of gourmet and durable furniture. They only depend on axe, handsaw and plan tools to process a log to all kinds of furniture by handwork. All parts of furniture were connected with tenon, without any glue and nails. In 1947, Mr. Yansong Dai went to Shanghai Lujiabang furniture factory and acted technology director. After 1949 Chinese liberation, Mr. Yansong Dai returned to hometown and acted director of the Nationalized Gushi Woodware Group.They manufactured furnitures, wood model for casting,hand tools,and farmer tools. In 1964, Mr. Baosen Dai joined into the group and acted a apprentice when he was 16 yeas old. Two years later, he became a formal worker, responsible for design of furniture tools and casting model.

In 1969, government established the Nationalized Suichang Brush factory, Mr. Baosen began to his brushwork.He acted a technician who’s responsible for improving technology, developing new products,and technology support for equipment. At that time, the factory have 40 staffs. The main products were broom and cleaning brushes with bamboo handle, the fiber is made of palm fiber by self-produced in local. In 1970, Mr. Baosen Dai organized mould process machine’s pedestal and all kinds of filling tools machine’s fittings, then complete of 5 tables of hand operation’s flat wire filling tools machines and 3 tables of semi-automatic drilling machines, this is the first batch for the factory. The factory’s products began to involves shoes brush and coat brush, they are use export, they are made of wooden block, hog bristles and nylon fibers.In 1974, Mr. baosen Dai married with the same factory’s Mrs. Shenchun Xu, In the last century, carry out state rule in china, Highly concentrated, foreign trade and management of the foreign trade system as a whole. therefore, the factory’ export mainly through collaborate with some largest of import and export company, For example, Import and Export Corporation, Shanghai, Light Industry International Development Limited, shanghai, Import and Export Corporation, Animal By-Products Import and Export Corporation, Zhejiang and Corporation china, At that time, the production of brand Agent have “Eternal”, “Universe”and so on, during 1985 the factory production out put the first time exceed RMB 1000,0000 / USD 500,000

In 1988 the Suichang prefecture was divided into two areas, In order to respond to the Government's call, developing, revitalization of the new industrial areas, Mr. baosen Dai’s wife was invited to build the nationalized brush factory, Mr. baosen Dai was responsible for technology, Mir. Shenchu xv was in charge of production.In 1993, nationalized company was reform, Mr. baosen Dai take over the “Songyang county brush factory”, after that, the brush factory from state ownership to private operators.

In 1994, Mr. baosen Dai newly purchase 2000 square’s land, “songyang brush factory“ was renamed “Songyang county Baosen brush factory”. Have 15 tables of domestic flat wire machines, and 10 tables of staple filling tools machines. and 20 tables of woodworking machines.

In 2003, Mr. Baosen Dai’s son Lihang Dai was joined the company started to operate.

During 2006, Baosen brush factory purchased 7000 square’s land to expand production.

During 2009, Baosen brush factory seconded removed to the new factory, the area have 11000 square.

“The History was fly” Mr. Baosen Dai said,” but the valuable experience will go down forever, for provide customers with a comprehensive range of services

For each brush, select one of the most suitable for the specific requirements of the timber species is a crucial.

We often need to consider: drying rate of wood materials, decay resistance, intensity, materials soft and hard, contractility

and toughness, process difficulty Level, section’s degree of smoothness and so on, as well as the length of the demand for products, brush the specific use of environmental, even the special guests requirements of the pattern of the wood and so on.

Brushes for different uses, when design the brush block, also need to be taken into account, foe example, some western countries the percentage of left-handed higher then the East, when we design the brush block’s form, we should decided to the product can used by left hand and right hand. On the other hand, There are some other details are also very important, foe example, the edge of wooden brushes block, because burr wood and sharp edges and corners always cut the user’s hand, only deal with these details, In order to allow users to comfortably use the product.

Application of 40 years experience in the production of animal mane, for our provide a strong guarantee for the development of the Horse brush business. From 1999, because the bristle’s price was go up, and brush made of bristles has occupied an important position in product line in Baosen. From shoes brush, coat brush, polishing brush, dusting brush, wallpaper brush to room’s manufacture, horse hair has been widely applied to various series of products. Because the horse hair material was made in china, and the wood made in this locality, In some smaller-size products, the output costs of shipped to Europe, America was very low, so we have the competitive price.

Each batch of procurement’s wood and other raw materials, materials origin and character, will determined use to manufacture which orders, we have the specialized record, In order to better track product quality. From the wood drying, forming the beginning of, to filling tools, hair repair, the entire production process, Baosen brush was still insists on completed it by own factory, for most of our brushes, we use automatic control of CNC machines to manufacture brushes. Mr. Baosen Dai believe, only for each production to management and control, Finally, be suitable for customer needs, and rest assured that the products.

Even the tradition of past experience, but compared with the European system a long brush history, We still have much to learn and thinking local. Baosen brush now are looking for cooperate with Europe and the Americas Brush Factory, Constantly develop new products, So as to provide a full range of customers, competitive products

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